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We All Love the Bounty of Summer Produce, but Fall in Sacramento Yields Its Own All-Star Lineup of Fruits and Vegetables, Offering a Range of Intense Flavors and Textures. We Asked Some of Our Favorite Restaurant Industry Experts What Autumnal Ingredients They Look Forward to the Most, and Which Local Farms They Source From.

Director of Digital Marketing, Selland Family Restaurants
Last Bite: My favorite fall produce is really an end-ofsummer selection: last-of-theseason local heirloom tomatoes. They are so good in September! We tend to get our summer tomatoes from Watanabe Farms, and get our end-of-the-season beauties from Patrick's Garden in Placerville.

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Chef, Block Butcher Bar & LowBrau
Last Bite: If I had to choose only one (and that is difficult to do!) it would definitely be Butternut squash from Del Rio Botanical in West Sacramento.

Sales Rep, Produce Express
Last Bite: I'm really looking forward to hard (winter) squash; the variety of flavors and textures make it so versatile. Dave Vierra at Vierra Farms does a great job with Butternut squash and Suzanne at Del Rio Botanical grows over 20 varieties of winter squash. Both are located in Yolo County.

Pastry Chef/Owner, Puur Chocolate
Last Bite: I'm really looking forward to some beautiful apples from Larsen Apple Barn, as well as pomegranates from Twin Peaks Orchards. Twin Peaks also carries my favorite Meyer lemons, which I enjoy at the end of fall.

Chef/Owner, Kru Restaurant
Last Bite: My favorite fall produce would definitely be earthy Brussels sprouts from the Capay Valley and rich, sweet Kabocha squash from Del Rio Botanical.

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Bakery Manager, Paragary's Bakery
Last Bite: Crisp, tart apples are one of my favorite fruits. They are so refreshing and honest after the lavish abundance of summer stone fruits and berries. I love taking day trips with my daughters to Larsen Apple Barn to pick our own.

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Bartender, Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co.
Last Bite: I am very excited for the small window of green walnuts about to come in! Matt Read and I are working on a Nocino and already put in an order with K & J Orchards in Winters.

NGina Kavookjian

Owner, South Restaurant
Last Bite: There's no better way to celebrate fall than with some okra! I love its unique texture and versatility. Suzanne at Del Rio Botanical grows some of the best in the region.