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Photo by Chris Holloman

On a cold December night about 15 years ago, over beers with a friend, the subject of New Year’s resolutions came up. I’d never really been one for making them. To me, they were idealistic plans that usually involved work and generally, and depressingly, fizzled out by mid-February. Who needs that? It seems clear to me that resolving to do something wonderful is the way to go — that way you’ll be sure you actually follow through.

So when my friend asked whether I would be making any resolutions, the answer dawned on me in a flash: “I’m going to travel someplace new every year,” I said.

As soon as I said it, I realized it was genius. Now THIS was a resolution I could commit to doing over and over again. I would visit at least one new place every year, see something I’d never seen before.

Ever since, I have followed through on this promise. Travel always has been a priority in my life, and now that I have a family of my own, it’s a priority for us all. This year, on a whim, we took a few days and drove to Las Vegas, then headed to 2017’s new destination: Mesquite, Nev. From there, we drove through the Virgin River Gorge to St. George, Utah — a jaw-droppingly gorgeous stretch of rugged desert landscape. The drive took only about 30 minutes, but it was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in my life.

As we sat down to plan this travel-themed winter issue of edible Sacramento, for me, the year’s end already seemed tied to this notion of travel to never-before-visited places. Our publisher Amanda Burden’s tales of her fantastic voyages this year already have set my mind buzzing with ideas for taking these excursions myself someday — wine-tasting for a weekend in Napa, exploring the food-and-drink town of Boise, driving rodeo cattle across a desert landscape, and even jetting off to Baja, Mexico. We hope they’ll inspire you to explore too.

Here in Greater Sacramento, we deeply rely on people visiting us, in part for our agricultural prowess/expertise — as they do duringhe gold rush of mandarin season in Placer County .

Finally, let your taste buds do the traveling. Experience the flavors of other cultures as you visit some of Sacramento’s most beloved, old-school restaurants , or join columnist Mike Madison as he prepares the Italian panforte, his family’s edible holiday tradition.

So stay warm and cozy as you travel on our edible winter’s journey. Enjoy!