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Photo by Chris Holloman

I used to think I hated beer. It’s no wonder when I think about the first time I tasted it as a kid — sneaking a swig from my dad’s bottle while he was mowing the lawn and instantly regretting it. I went about another decade before trying it again in college, but as we all know, the beers typically found at college parties, at least back when I went, aren’t exactly great representative samples.

About 14 years ago, I finally found my love of beer. It was at a craft brewery in Placer County, and it was the first time in my life I experienced a beer tasting. That first flight of beers opened my eyes to the vast differences among, and complexities within, beers. There could be a beer for anyone, even me.

It was actually the perfect place for me to have my first craft brew experience. After all, California is where the craft beer movement started back in 1965, according to the California Craft Brewers Association. In the last half century, the industry has exploded, and today more than 850 craft brewers call the Golden State home, with more than 50 of them being located in Greater Sacramento alone. So in this inaugural Drinks issue of edible Sacramento, we say, “Cheers to beer!” In her cover story, beer fanatic Steph Rodriguez will introduce you to 10 brewers to watch and sample from across the region, giving you insider tips on their must-try beers and individual styles. And for those longing to make their own, she’ll also take you to meet one passionate home brewer and learn about her process.

Drinks mean more than beer. This issue also will introduce you to the Barsotti family of juice makers  that call Apple Hill home, explore the buzz surrounding kombucha  and show you who’s brewing it locally, and uncover the exciting relationship that has formed between local coffee houses and Sacramento’s own Blue Diamond almond growers. And there’s plenty more, no matter what your preferred libation.

From all of us here at edible, we raise our glasses to you, our readers, and wish you a happy new year! Bottoms up!