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Editor’s Letter

Now that the doldrums of winter are behind us, I think we’ve all got wellness on our minds. I know I do. For one, I ran myself ragged just before the holiday season and got sicker than I have been since … well, maybe ever. And don’t even get me started on my winter eating habits. Anyone else indulge too much this winter on wine, sauce-covered comfort foods, warm bread, and chocolate while snuggling on the couch under a blanket, or was that just me?

But wellness, as we know, is about more than eating right. Here at edible Sacramento, we like to focus on wellness for the mind, body, soul, and planet. And while it’s something we’re always mindful of, we’ve dedicated our issue for spring — the time of renewal and clean starts — to wellness, in its many forms.

Of course we couldn’t do a wellness issue without spending some time talking about California’s Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, which took effect on Jan. 1. Bringing this law about took a massive cooperative effort from cannabis advocates, government regulators, and growers, who all galvanized to ensure its smooth implementation. Writer Steph Rodriguez spent a month exploring the ins and outs of the MAUCRS law, useful information about cannabis edibles, and the purported benefits of the plant even for our animals.

Spring means asparagus in the Greater Sacramento region, and in our Meet the Farmer story, the owners of Durst Organic Growers share their philosophy about sustainable, responsible farming practices that result in deliciously healthy produce. And from healthy soda to popcorn, wine, and more, this issue is chock full of information about the health aspects of the foods and drinks we take in and the programs and events promoting wellness in our community.

Enjoy poring through our pages as you soak up spring. Be well!