Summer 2023

Medal winning beers from Alaro Craft Brewery. Photo courtesy of Eli Margetich

Blue Ribbon Buzz

From gold medal to glass; how competition makes for better beer. For both professional and amateur brewers, there’s nothing like the buzz of beer competitions.

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Time to Plant (More) Tomatoes

Tips for healthier, hardier harvests with this craveable cover crop. Sacramento gardeners spend their summer obsessing over one favorite crop: tomatoes. “Tomatoes are hugely popular

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Watermelon For the Win

This ruby red fruit that replenishes and restores is a summertime refreshment. On a blistering summer day, few comforts are more refreshing than air conditioning.

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The pies contain a savory filling. Photo by Jyo Bhamidipati

Gold Plated

How gold mining in the Sacramento Valley influenced today’s food. “There’s gold in the them thar hills of California!” were the words that echoed around

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J Jordan partners with local coffee shops to sell her goods. Photo by Anastasia Murphy

Brown Rice Bakery

When her body started fighting back against gluten and other allergens, J Jordan decided to start exploring recipes online for gluten-free, vegan desserts. But the

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