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Watermelon For the Win

This ruby red fruit that replenishes and restores is a summertime refreshment. On a blistering summer day, few comforts are more refreshing than air conditioning. But a cool-crisp slice of

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Raw Organic Fennel Bulbs Ready to Cook

Learn to Love Fennel

This vegetable’s unique licorice flavor can be applied many ways. Disguised as plump celery topped with bright green feathery leaves, fennel stands out in the garden and on the plate.

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Fruit of the Gods 

Persimmons: the superstars of winter baking. Those who traverse Northern California’s backroads in late fall are likely to encounter a dazzling persimmon tree heavy with bright orange globes and adorned

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Summer Produce is Here!

California Dreamin’ Ahhh. Summer vegetable season. Those long, warm days we’ve been waiting for. Right now, all the favorites are at their peak of flavor — juicy heirloom tomatoes; crisp,

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