Tasty Finds

J Jordan partners with local coffee shops to sell her goods. Photo by Anastasia Murphy

Brown Rice Bakery

When her body started fighting back against gluten and other allergens, J Jordan decided to start exploring recipes online for gluten-free, vegan desserts. But the

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Sham Sweets owner Ayman Alkabani serves up fresh künefe. Photo by Chris Floyd

Sham Sweets

A visit to Istanbul might lead to an encounter with street food vendors selling a particular kind of ice cream that’s little known in the

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A sparkling apértif served at the tasting lounge. Photo courtesy of L'Apero les Trois

L’Apéro les Trois

In French culture, few customs are as cherished as l’apéro. Short for apéritif, l’apéro refers not only to a light, pre-dinner libation, but also to

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Mindscape Fermentations co-owners Charlotte Crott, Lauren Price, and Lauren Houston. Photo by Chris Floyd.

Mindscape Fermentations 

Fermentation is an integral part of culinary traditions around the globe, including Ethiopian injera (thin, soft bread), Polynesianpoi (a pudding like dish), and Persian torshi (pickled vegetables). Now,

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Loraine Scott displays wine in Acheson's unique refillable wine bottles with flip-top caps.

Acheson Wine Co.

Serving up eco-friendly, affordable, quality California wine, while saving nearly 30,000 bottles from the landfills, is a business model that merits appreciation.   Established in 2015,

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Pickled carrots and dill chips, just two of the delicious pickled items sold by Real Mojo Foods.

Real Mojo Foods

What does it take to launch a successful artisanal craft food business in the era of fast-food drive-throughs and Costco delivery service? Like many timeless

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