East Sacramento Eatery Brings Family and Food Under One Roof

Ted standing next to brother, Steve. Photo by Chris Floyd
Ted standing next to brother, Steve. Photo by Chris Floyd

Casa East Sac is the brain child of Steve and Ted Gibanov.

Good food, good service — that’s the driving force behind Casa East Sac, an inviting, family-run eatery on a leafy residential block in East Sacramento.

Founded by brothers Steve and Ted Gibanov, Casa takes its name from the building in which it operates — a converted house. The dining room is open and airy with modern botanical wallpaper, an open beam ceiling, and a brick fireplace, which adds to the homey vibe. Two other restaurants, Joon Market and The Neighborhood Pizzeria, had previously operated in the space.

The Gibanov brothers searched the region for a year before settling on the current location. The space was just the right size — not too big, not too small — and it’s in a neighborhood of residents who appreciate local restaurants and small businesses.

“We fell in love with the space,” Steve says. “[Casa] is like home. A lot of people feel that way. It’s like having a meal in their living room or dining room.”

The Gibanov brothers have long, storied careers in the food industry. Steve attended the California Culinary Academy and worked in restaurants his entire career, mostly in San Francisco.

His brother, too, is a natural in the kitchen. Ted was executive chef at Revolution Winery & Kitchen and has many culinary awards under his belt.

Although this is their first brick-and-mortar restaurant, the Gibanovs had operated a catering company, American River Provisions, since 2017. But after the COVID-19 pandemic, they realized they wanted to settle down and create something a bit more permanent. “Being on the road all the time was pretty taxing,” Steve shares.

Casa East Sacramento's beef bourguignon.
Beef bourguignon. Photo by Chris Floyd

The menu at Casa is reminiscent of home as well, focusing on classic dishes with American and Italian influences. The Gibanovs make pasta in-house every day, and have a nightly steak special and catch of the day. They also offer a selection of pizzas and sandwiches, as well as a weekend brunch. Like most restaurants in the Sacramento area, the owners incorporate local, seasonal ingredients into their cooking. “It’s American fare with a California focus, as in we focus on what’s in season and what’s at the farmers’ market,” Steve explains.

Casa’s wine list was designed by a sommelier friend to complement the food. Most selections are from Italy or California, with a few Spanish and Argentinian influences thrown in for good measure. They also serve beer and cider from local producers.

New Ventures

The brothers recently expanded their repertoire and opened a to-go only pizzeria, also in East Sacramento. Cicero’s Pizzeria East Sac is located at The Line, a ghost kitchen with other tenants like Kru, and Nash & Proper. Pizza was a natural fit, since the Gibanovs previously pumped out gourmet pies from their mobile pizza oven during their catering days.

Casa East Sacramento's House-made meatballs
House-made meatballs. Photo by Chris Floyd

Running a neighborhood eatery is not without its challenges, but they have been able to hone in on what their guests want — simple, unpretentious fare in a relaxed setting.

“We serve food that we like to cook: classic, timeless dishes.”

Steve Gibanov