A sparkling apértif served at the tasting lounge. Photo courtesy of L'Apero les Trois

L’Apéro les Trois

In French culture, few customs are as cherished as l’apéro. Short for apéritif, l’apéro refers not only to a light, pre-dinner libation, but also to

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Menezes and his boy Blue. Photo by Rachel Valley

Funky Fermentation 

Hard kombucha joins the ranks of Sacramento area boozy beverages. There’s beer and near-beer; wine and non-alcoholic wine; and, of course, virgin cocktails and herbal

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Mindscape Fermentations co-owners Charlotte Crott, Lauren Price, and Lauren Houston. Photo by Chris Floyd.

Mindscape Fermentations 

Fermentation is an integral part of culinary traditions around the globe, including Ethiopian injera (thin, soft bread), Polynesianpoi (a pudding like dish), and Persian torshi (pickled vegetables). Now,

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