Winter 2022

Five Sacramento area chefs, from top left: Ravin Patel, Dennis Sydnor, Chris Barnum-Dann, Brett Bohlmann and Tokiko Sawada. Photo by Debbie Cunningham

Cool-Season Comfort

What Sacramento area chefs cook for their own winter tables. The winter season inspires for many of us a sense of connection and togetherness, drawing

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A program participant serves an appetizer.

Kitchen Connection

Formerly homeless women build career skills alongside esteemed Sacramento chefs. A decadent multi-course meal of caprese salad, scallop mousseline with lobster, and the restaurant’s signature

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One-of-a-kind tableware from Block & Bowl and Echeri shown here at Franquette create a special dining experience. Photo by Debbie Cunningham

Picture Perfect Plating 

Artisan tableware made in Sacramento transforms dinnertime into an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s the porcelain dishes in Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want or the clay bowl and

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Menezes and his boy Blue. Photo by Rachel Valley

Funky Fermentation 

Hard kombucha joins the ranks of Sacramento area boozy beverages. There’s beer and near-beer; wine and non-alcoholic wine; and, of course, virgin cocktails and herbal

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Mindscape Fermentations co-owners Charlotte Crott, Lauren Price, and Lauren Houston. Photo by Chris Floyd.

Mindscape Fermentations 

Fermentation is an integral part of culinary traditions around the globe, including Ethiopian injera (thin, soft bread), Polynesianpoi (a pudding like dish), and Persian torshi (pickled vegetables). Now,

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Fruit of the Gods 

Persimmons: the superstars of winter baking. Those who traverse Northern California’s backroads in late fall are likely to encounter a dazzling persimmon tree heavy with

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Beautiful and Juicy

Tips for growing oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins, and more that are delicious and resilient. From Orangevale to Citrus Heights, the call names of Sacramento neighborhoods

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