Letter from the Publisher – Fall 2023

Fall 2023 – Issue #65

Anastasia Murphy, our publisher buried in fall leaves
Anastasia Murphy, our publisher buried in fall leaves

It’s fall y’all! And I am ready for the shift of seasons. Are you? 

Per usual, the summer heat scorched all of us Sacramentans, so the cooling off that comes with fall is a welcome change. I hope your gardens bore a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables to chop, toss, and dress in your kitchens throughout the summer. Talking to farmers, many crops were late or changed this year due to the oddity of our spring weather. The full effect of that weird weather on our region’s fall harvest crops is yet to be determined. Fingers crossed for bumper crops. In this issue, we had the great pleasure of visiting and talking with a third-generation peach farmer, read on page 19. Peaches, peaches, peaches — I can’t get enough tree-ripened peaches, especially the locally grown variety.

Heading into fall, I am looking forward to getting my fill of persimmons, chestnuts, winter squash, and many other seasonal choices. Flip through our pages for an amazing recipe for stuffed acorn squash from our contributing recipe chef, Dennis Sydnor, on page 6. We commend Dennis on being one of the head chefs at the 10th Annual Tower Bridge dinner as part of this year’s Farm-to-Fork Festival. This festival pays tribute to our local agriculture and culinary industries through celebration and media spotlights. Those industries exist, thanks in part, to migrant farmworkers, who are receiving necessary health care thanks to a community organization highlighted on page 30. They have our recognition and gratitude for the backbreaking work they do day in and day out to help feed our communities.

We have another big accolade to mention for our Lettuce Feast (page 26) chef-writer, Nina Curtis. Nina cooked the first ever all-plant-based State House Dinner at the White House this summer. Color me impressed! She is a local culinary superstar, and we are honored to bring her recipes to our readers. 

If you are an apple fan, fall is the season to bask in the bounties of our region with orchards of apples — and pears — all around us. Might I suggest you indulge beyond eating the fruit whole and enjoy the exciting libations of these fall favorites made by local cideries, page 14? Have some fun cooking up some hard cider chutney, page 17, and don’t miss the ManzaPera cocktail on page 40. 

I am already looking forward to the festivities that resurface this season — harvest festivals, farm dinners, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and a lot of family birthdays. September initiates the birthday season for my family, so I am looking forward to many cakes with candles, and toasts to more great years to follow. Both sides of my family love to celebrate — little reason required. This summer we had a big occasion to celebrate with a family wedding; congrats to Tyler and Maddie. It was a blast. My father-in-law had such a fun time, he put out a family message to incentivize the ‘of age’ family members to move it along so he could have some more wedding fun. No takers yet. 

Enjoy all the spices, flavors, and colors this season brings to you. 


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