Letter from the Publisher – Fall 2022

FALL 2022 – ISSUE 61

Anastasia Murphy, our publisher buried in fall leaves
Anastasia Murphy, our publisher buried in fall leaves

Who doesn’t love fall? It is a toss-up for me whether fall or spring is my favorite season. It depends on when you ask me. As summer is closing out, I am in the “fall is my favorite” state of mind. Ask me in early March, and the answer will likely be spring. This is our fall issue, so let’s go with fall … for now. 

Fall brings cooler weather, a new color palette, winter squash, chestnuts, pumpkin everything, and so much more. Comfort foods start to come to mind — time to bring out the single-pot and Dutch-oven recipes. Give me some pumpkins to stuff or winter squash to roast. Yum! I’m ready. Wine preferences change from crisp, dry whites to deep, juicy reds. Beers change from refreshing, cold lagers to filling, delicious stouts (unless you’re an IPA-all-day kind of person — you know who you are). Cocktails shift from blended, icy concoctions to spicy toddies. And, of course, this is harvest season for many growers, which means it’s all-hands-on-deck time. Check out our story about harvesting your own backyard bumper crop.

At our urban abode, we harvest leaves. Even as an adult, I find a pile of raked leaves incredibly irresistible. On many occasions, I have found my other half buried under them as giggling kids watch, looking guilty but playing innocent. I too have been found under that pile a couple of times, indulging the kids (and myself) in this beloved seasonal ritual. I even once found my youngest sound asleep on top of a pile — she’d just decided to take a nap! Ah, the joys of fall, simple and unforgettable. 

This fall brings a milestone birthday celebration for me — yep, I am 30 (again). For years, I was 29, but I can’t really get away with that anymore, so I’ve leaped a year forward to be 30 for a decade (or two). Milestones in life are important no matter the occasion or number. They are reasons to get together with friends and family, pay tribute to occasions and people, take time for reflection, look forward, and look back. Milestones often come with special meals, whether they be home cooked or enjoyed out. Perhaps it’s time to try a tasting menu paired with wine or even beer or cocktails, or splurge at a fine-dining establishment (or just one that’s special or memorable). The celebratory options run the gamut. Whatever your pleasure or occasion, always toast to christen the moment for future reflection. 

With that, I invite you to savor our fall issue. Thank you for reading and continuing to support, advocate for, and love edible Sacramento magazine. It is a pleasure to bring it to you. 

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