Letter From the Publisher – Spring 2023

Spring 2023 – Issue #63

Our Publisher, Anastasia Murphy enjoying a cocktail while doing research for spring issue.
Our Publisher, Anastasia Murphy enjoying a cocktail while doing research for spring issue.

Spring is in the air. The crisp mornings are starting to warm just a little faster each day, and the sunshine stays longer. The City of Trees is abloom with flowers on branches, and garden sprouts have begun to emerge. Like me, are you ready to plant summer veggies and herbs? Our garden tips on page 8 will help green up your thumbs.

Winter brought us much needed rain, yet California remains in a drought. The drought tolerant agave plant on page 18 is a testament to nature’s resilience. Still, water conservation and storage remain a monumental challenge for our state and its residents. I believe we are in this drought for the long haul due to climate change, so I do my part to consume this precious resource responsibly. I do wish Mother Nature’s tap was as easy to turn on as my kitchen faucet; I’d certainly share my proverbial golden tap with our farmers who desperately need the water. Maybe desalination is the answer…?

Speaking of saltwater, over the winter I was fortunate to spend time on the island of Kauai. It gave me an island state of mind that I wish could be bottled. I’d take a micro dose as needed to keep me chill year-round. Maintaining that head space at home is hard, but with Bodega (page 35) serving up Caribbean flare in Sacramento, I can return to island time, if only for a drink and a meal. I’ll take what I can get!

In preparation for this issue, as with all issues, I research story ideas and sources. I really enjoy reaching out to people in the community, chatting with business owners, and frequenting new establishments. Our Liquid Assets article about local speakeasies (page 14) was a tantalizing point of research this time around. The atmosphere is exciting, the décor alluring, and the cocktail tasting is quite agreeable. I confess, I am always on the lookout for a good cocktail. Our Seasonal Cocktails (Hive Mind & Hot Take) will certainly tempt many this spring. 

Specialty cocktails makes me think about a time years ago when my dad and I took a trip to Dublin, Ireland together. We had a great time sightseeing, exploring, dining out, and of course, pubbing—fully immersing ourselves. We made it a routine to finish off the day with a night cap at the hotel bar. One of those nights, my dad was a little silly and accidently drank someone else’s drink. I mean whiskey is whiskey, right? Wrong. The other guest was finishing their night with a very expensive whiskey that was meant to be savored. Alas, this top-shelf drink went down the hatch in a flash, and upon realization and apologies all around, I was handed an epic bill. Dad and I laughed about this expenditure many times as we recounted the trip, often while enjoying a night cap. It was an inside joke that we shared and an experience we found joy in, again and again. After what seemed like a longer than usual winter, I hope everyone can get out of the house this spring and create a few more moments that evoke smiles for years to come.

I will finish with a wish for more rain, after all, April showers bring May flowers, and I do love flowers. Support our local flower growers (read on page 26). Happy Spring.

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